Protection of ‘Prosecco’ trademark in China reaffirmed

The Beijing High Court rejects the appeal lodged by Australian Wine and Grape Inc. Even in its Chinese transliteration, the Prosecco DOC brand is a protected GI
Protection of ‘Prosecco’ trademark in China reaffirmed

The Consortium for the Protection of Prosecco DOC has clinched a legal victory against Australian Wine and Grape Inc. (AGWI), affirming the legitimacy of the registration of the brand “普罗塞克” (“Pu luo sai ke,” translating to Prosecco in Chinese characters) in China.

In a strategic move spanning several years, the Consortium has been steadfastly working to fortify the identity of Italy’s premier sparkling wine, extending its influence into the Far East. Its success is underscored by robust protections secured in China, both through the formal registration of the ‘Prosecco’ trademark and the comprehensive Cooperation and Protection Agreement for Geographical Indications between the European Union and the People’s Republic of China.

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Adding complexity to the narrative is the recent tussle over the Chinese ideogram rendition of the brand contested by AGWI. The Australian entity aspires to export wines labeled as ‘Prosecco’ into the expansive Far East market, contending that ‘Prosecco’ denotes a grape variety rather than a wine protected under Geographical Indication.

Following a thorough legal review culminating in the Beijing High Court (BHC), AGWI’s appeal has been unequivocally dismissed. The court has affirmed that the brand, even in its Chinese transliteration, indisputably serves as a Geographical Indication, reserved exclusively for identifying Veneto sparkling wine.

Expressing satisfaction with the outcome, Consortium President Stefano Zanette remarks, “China, once again, acknowledges that the term ‘Prosecco’ distinctly signifies our Protected Designation of Origin. This protective stance not only bolsters our product but also safeguards the distinctiveness of our territories and acknowledges the tireless efforts of the entire supply chain.”

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