DalterFood unveils its new line of vegetarian cheeses

Offered in diverse cuts and packaging options, these products empower restaurant chains to cater to the demands of those who favor an alternative dietary approach
DalterFood unveils its new line of vegetarian cheeses

In anticipation of the forthcoming festive season, DalterFood Group, a renowned Italian dairy enterprise, strategically introduces a range of vegetarian cheeses marked by versatility, flavor, and texture. This move extends an exclusive invitation to restaurant chains, allowing them to elevate their culinary offerings through dedicated menus. This strategic response addresses the surging demand that has witnessed significant momentum in recent years.


DalterFood Group adeptly addresses this burgeoning demand with a distinguished array of cheeses, spotlighting Spinoro (pictured). A robust, fine-grained hard cheese, Spinoro is meticulously crafted in Italy, utilizing 100% Italian cow’s milk sourced from the fertile plains of the Po Valley. It stands out with its pristine hue, enveloping aroma, and subtle flavor profile. Its adaptability spans a broad spectrum of culinary applications – from fillings and dressings to stuffings, soups, and sauces – seamlessly integrating with diverse ingredients and offering myriad possibilities.

DalterFood’s vegetarian repertoire extends beyond Spinoro, encompassing other hard cheeses such as Pastamore, an ideal companion for elevating the taste of savory pies, rich salads, and risottos, as well as Pecorino Romano, indispensable for traditional Italian recipes and enhancing the flavors of soups, sauces, and dips.


Within DalterFood’s expansive portfolio of grated cheese blends derived from a curated selection of hard and semi-hard Italian cheeses, bespoke mixes cater not only to vegetarian consumers but also align seamlessly with the discerning preferences of culinary professionals. These blends contribute to both the gratification and aesthetic appeal of dishes, elevating the fillings of traditional tortellini and presenting an optimal dining experience for patrons with specific dietary inclinations.

The offerings also span a diverse assortment of cheese cuts – ranging from ribbons, flakes, and fillets, to cubes – packaged in generous formats that preserve product freshness, minimize waste, and concurrently deliver practicality, flexibility, and ease of storage.

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