Olio Toscano has been a Protected Geographical Indication for 25 years now

The Protection Consortium celebrates the anniversary of a product that has ascended to global leadership in exports within its category
Olio Toscano has been a Protected Geographical Indication for 25 years now

Even the refined taste of panettone can find its zenith through the infusion of extra virgin olive oil replacing the traditional use of butter. This distinctively Italian festive delicacy, expertly curated for the occasion by ‘oil maestros’ Tommaso Vatti and Andrea Perini in an exclusive edition for the Consortium overseeing the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) of Olio Toscano PGI, took center stage in the grand celebration of the 25th anniversary of EU recognition of Protected Geographical Indication.

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This milestone is tremendously significant,” remarked Stefania Saccardi, Vice President of the Tuscany Region and Agricultural and Food Industry Councillor, at the presentation held at Palazzo Strozzi in Florence, alongside Consortium Vice Presidents Giampiero Cresti and Paolo Di Gaetano. “Securing the Protected Geographical Indication has propelled Tuscan Olive Oil significantly forward,” underscored Saccardi, “manifesting over time as a benchmark for traceability, transparency, and product safety. Consumers investing in oils adorned with this label are assured of a product that has met rigorous standards, instilling a sense of trust.”

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