Roberto Alimentare (Morato Pane): Italian cuisine goes global

To mark the Christmas season in 2023, the Italian bakery brand elevates the festive dining experience with three original recipes inspired by iconic international dishes
Roberto Alimentare (Morato Pane): Italian cuisine goes global

Roberto Alimentare, a storied Italian bakery brand widely recognized as “Roberto,” is poised to elevate the holiday season and Christmas celebrations with its diverse range of products. Embracing a global culinary inspiration, spanning Asia to America via Europe, each preparation retains an unmistakable touch of Italian sophistication.


Commencing the gastronomic journey in Japan, Roberto presents a unique offering: Mortadella and Pistachio Sushi.” Drawing on Japanese culinary traditions while harmonizing with Roberto’s distinct Italian ethos, this creation is showcased through tricolore sandwiches in classic, red, and green renditions. A package of Tramezzini, 300g of mortadella, 300g of spreadable cheese, and a sprinkle of pistachio crumbs transform a conventional appetizer into an internationally-infused Christmas delight.

Mortadella and Pistachio Sushi

The expedition then ventures to the United States, the birthplace of the iconic Red Velvet cake, reinterpreted in a savory context. Leveraging the renowned Grissini Torinesi Rosa and 120g of beets, the outcome is a savory Red Velvet masterpiece, generously filled with cherry tomatoes and spreadable cheese.

Savory Red Velvet Cake

No less noteworthy is the distinctly Italian reinterpretation of the famed Millefoglie, featuring a quintessential Italian icon: the piadina. In the rollable Granpiada version, petite bread disks are delicately fried and then filled with mascarpone cream, complemented by a selection of fruits to suit individual preferences.

Piadina Millefoglie

Symbolizing Italian gastronomy with a commitment to inclusivity, Roberto endeavors to perpetuate the ethos of conviviality ingrained in the company’s mission since its inception in 1962. Originating in Susegana (Treviso, Veneto), the humble bakery specialized in breadsticks production, marking the genesis of a culinary legacy.

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