Balocco unveils its latest offerings at Anuga 2023

The Italian firm specializing in breakfast biscuits and seasonal leavened sweets presents Buongiorno Biscuits, Zero Biscuits, Il Pandoro, and Il Panettone
Balocco unveils its latest offerings at Anuga 2023

Balocco, the esteemed Italian brand in the breakfast biscuit and premium pastry sector, is actively participating in Anuga 2023, occupying Stand A010a within Pavilion 3.2. Visitors to their exhibit can indulge in the latest offerings from the company, renowned for its extensive export-oriented product portfolio. Notable introductions include Buongiorno Biscuits and Zero Biscuits, along with an exclusive sneak peek at Il Pandoro and Il Panettone, both in classic renditions and innovative fillings, complemented by a range of freshly dusted confections.


Buongiorno Biscuits embodies a mainstream assortment featuring classic Novellini, enriched with fresh milk and honey, as well as the avant-garde 100% whole wheat shortbreads embellished with cane sugar granules. Meanwhile, Balocco Zero represents a health-conscious, extra-crunchy line that seamlessly marries the no-added-sugar trend with high fiber content in a singular biscuit. Varieties include rice flour and oat flakes, chocolate chips, rice and wheat crispies, and a blend of seven cereals and cornflakes. These innovations are thoughtfully presented in six portions for prolonged freshness and are elegantly packaged.


As we approach the upcoming holiday season, Balocco has reimagined several Italian dessert traditions with its range of dusted pastries, including Panna Cotta and Caramello, Zuppa Inglese, and Tiramisù. Additionally, the company is unveiling the Bi-Chocolate Pandoro, generously filled with white chocolate and gianduia, and the Panettone Maxiciok Caramel, featuring Santo Domingo cocoa cream and a savory salted caramel twist, all enveloped in rich dark chocolate and caramel-infused granules.


Balocco’s exports represent a substantial 13% of its overall revenue, spanning more than 70 countries. Half of these exports are directed to non-EU nations. Key markets encompass Europe, the Far East, Australia, America, and the Middle East.

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