Finocchiona PGI is now eligible for export to the USA

After a seven-year process, U.S. federal authorities have officially designated Tuscany as “free from swine vesicular disease.” This allows for 13% of the cured meat’s production to enter the U.S. market
Finocchiona PGI is now eligible for export to the USA

Finocchiona PGI will soon land in the USA. US federal agencies have officially designated Tuscany as a “swine vesicular disease-free zone” and initiated the product’s acceptance process, slated for completion on October 23 with the publication of the decree in the Federal Register.

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Alessandro Iacomoni, President of the Consortium for the Protection of Finocchiona PGI, remarks, “The American market holds substantial promise for our products. We project that 250 tons of Finocchiona PGI per annum, equivalent to 13% of our current production, will soon find their way to the US market.”

The journey to export the renowned Tuscan salami to the USA commenced in 2016. Stefania Saccardi, Vice President of the Consortium, reflects on the challenges, stating, “Despite meticulously verifying the process, procedures, and formalities, along with ensuring the integrity of our breeding practices, we encountered hurdles in securing the necessary authorization from US authorities for the export of Finocchiona PGI. Today, after numerous engagements with the Italian embassy in the United States, the US Consul in Florence, and the intervention of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, this exceptional product from a vital regional supply chain can now tap into a market increasingly enamored with Tuscany and Italy.”

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