Prosecco DOC Consortium launches multitasking campaign in Canada

Italy's celebrated sparkling wine attended Montreal's Mural Festival alongside Canada's most talented young street artists
Prosecco DOC Consortium launches multitasking campaign in Canada

For the first time ever, the Consortium for the Protection of Prosecco DOC wine took part in the Montreal Mural Festival. Dedicated to street art, the festival is one of the liveliest and trendiest events in the Canadian city, able to attract almost 460,000 fans from all over Canada and the United States in just 10 days. The event offered the versatility of the famous Italian sparkling wine and an unusual opportunity to connect with the creativity of talented Canadian artists.

By supporting the Mural Festival, the Prosecco DOC Consortium reaffirmed its passion for art, as evidenced by its ongoing commitment to culture in all its forms. In this case, in the form of urban artistic expression. Prosecco DOC added a touch of sophistication and cheerfulness to the impressive opening ceremony, capturing the attention of the 2,500 guests who enthusiastically seized the opportunity to discover the authentic taste of the very Italian “bubbles from Veneto and Friuli”.

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The Montreal Mural Festival was a very interesting experience,” says Stefano Zanette, President of the Consortium. “It allowed us to meet Canada’s most talented young street artists and to share their creativity with the Prosecco DOC wine culture.”

During the festival, Prosecco DOC was able to interact with the public in a dedicated area where guests were able to experience a tasting led by Guénaël Revel, aka M. Bulles – a wine celebrity and host of famous radio shows. The tastings were an opportunity for influencers and media to appreciate the quality and elegance of the different types of Prosecco DOC. In the spirit of the festival, the Consortium also commissioned two highly original murals by street artist Nicolas Gaudu.

In some areas of Canada, sales of the most famous Italian sparkling wine are still growing at double-digit rates. In Quebec, appreciation for Prosecco DOC is at an all-time high: in 2022, sales were up 15 percent over 2021.

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