Acetum is now B Corp certified

The Italian company, based in Modena and specializing in the production of balsamic vinegar, is the first in its sector to receive this recognition
Acetum is now B Corp certified

Acetum, a leading Italian private-label balsamic vinegar producer, has achieved the prestigious B Corp certification.


This is an important milestone for the company, which employs more than 250 people and whose production volume accounts for almost a quarter of the total production of the Aceto Balsamico di Modena PGI sector.

Sales are expected to reach €120m by the end of 2023, with exports accounting for more than 90 percent. The Modena-based company is also a leader in the production of special vinegar and vinegar glazes, of which it is the inventor with a patent filed 23 years ago.


B Corp is more than a certification: it is a way of doing business. At Acetum, our employees work every day to honor Italian tradition, respecting our role in the local community, and always looking to the future. We are proud to produce our vinegar in an increasingly sustainable way, bringing the unmistakable taste of Modena to the world,” says Michele Di Vincenzo, B Corp project manager for Acetum. “With this certification, we are pleased to clearly demonstrate the depth of our commitment to all of our customers and thousands of consumers who choose our products every day,” Di Vincenzo says.


I am very proud that our company has achieved this certification, as we are continuously working to preserve the traditions of my family and the local community, respecting this ancient craft and passion for the high quality of vinegar, produced, aged, and bottled in the most sustainable way,” says Acetum President Cesare Mazzetti. “Last year our company became a Benefit Society and today we have taken a further step that testifies to the great commitment and dedication that all of our employees bring to their work. Sharing a common vision of a better and fairer future, both for the people who work in the production chain and for the environment of which our wonderful industry is a part,” Mazzetti says.

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