Acetum betting on new investments

The group maintains its leadership investing in quality and innovation for international expansion
Acetum betting on new investments

Over the years, the Acetum Group has been able to assert its leading position with about 30% of the annual certified production of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI. This position was achieved thanks to the conquest of the major European markets, but especially of North America, where the company has had a branch for over 20 years. The USA are among the big markets that still offer the greatest growth potential for Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI. Even though it is already the country with the highest annual volume, its per capita consumption only accounts for a quarter of the European market average. Acetum has certainly contributed to the progressive recognition of the original Italian PGI product with its own promotion, which has gained increasing shares. This positive trend is believed to develop further in future thanks to the advertising initiatives of the Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI planned under the auspices of the Consortium of Conservation.

The production capacity

In order to meet the increasing needs of the international market and aiming at further strengthening the vertical integration of the chain, the Acetum Group has invested heavily in its production sites in recent years. In 2017, we launched a project to expand the production capacity of the Pontiroli vinegar manufacturing, which is part of our Group, with a total investment of around 5 million euro says Group Ceo, Andrea Guidi, which will lead to a total production capacity for this site of more than 30 million litres of wine vinegar. Even with regard to the productivity of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI, Acetum can boast with over 15 million litres the highest aging capacity in wood barrels in the sector. We are a company that can offer the market a unique variety of quality thanks to its enormous aging ability, most of which is dedicated to products aging for over three years.

Focus on organic & healthy

Acetum’s strategy also pursues a constant drive for innovation, monitoring international consumer trends with a focus on organic and healthy products. In the last year we launched a wide range of certified organic products that are experiencing great success in all markets, says Group President Cesare Mazzetti. Our research will remain geared towards this direction and we will announce some important news at the end of the year.

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