BF takes over Bia, Italy’s leading couscous producer

The deal to buy 100 percent of the company specializing in the production of couscous is part of a project to develop an Italian grain hub
BF takes over Bia, Italy’s leading couscous producer

Italy’s agribusiness group BF has officially acquired 100 percent of Bia, the Italian couscous specialist, in a €20.5 million deal. The acquisition will be financed by BF with its own funds from the operation to enhance the value of its subsidiary, Bonifiche Ferraresi.

Bia is active in the production and marketing of couscous from a 100 percent Italian supply chain. It is one of the top players in the European market, and a world-leading company in the production of organic couscous. In 2021, it achieved a turnover of about 33 million euros.

The operation,” says Federico Vecchioni, CEO, BF, “is part of a project aimed at developing a grain hub, through the integration of Ghigi 1870, Milling Hub, and Pasta Fabianelli companies, already parts of the BF Group, and now Bia. The goal is to create synergies, and ensure presidium over the entire Italian wheat supply chain.”

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