Slovenia is threatening Italy’s balsamic vinegar, Consortium says

Slovenia has ruled that any blend can be named after Italy's protected geographical indication, Aceto Balsamico. An industry that is worth 1.3 billion and exporting more than 90 percent of production is at risk
Slovenia is threatening Italy’s balsamic vinegar, Consortium says

Balzarnicni Kis turns one year old. The label itself specifies Aceto balsamico Frama (Frama balsamic vinegar). Put on the market last July, it is one of many alleged Slovenian balsamic kinds of vinegar that are winning over European consumers, driving them away from authentic Italian products and quality. “Deceptive,” is what Mariangela Grosoli, President of the Aceto Balsamico di Modena PGI’s protection Consortium, calls these products. “However, they lack the nutritional-health value, or even remotely the sensory-tasting value, of authentic Italian balsamic vinegar – be it Traditional PDO of Modena and Reggio Emilia or PGI. The Slovenian government, disregarding European regulations, has ruled that any mixture of wine vinegar with concentrated must can be called, and sold, under the name of balsamic vinegar,” Grosoli says.

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Mauro Rosati, the director, Qualivita Foundation (association of Italian Geographical Indication products), says, “It is necessary that any national contrivance that goes to affect the European law ruling Geographical Indications be prohibited by legislation. If the European Commission continues to hold an uncertain approach like the one on Slovenian ‘balsamic vinegar’, the PDO and PGI product system risks losing value and credibility internationally. My hope is to heal these ambiguities through the new clear reform. Only in this way can our protection Consortia and the companies in the supply chain have a real chance in the market.”

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