Forbes: Montecucco PDO among “The best wines to drink in 2022”

The typical Tuscan PDO wine enters the worldwide ranking drawn up by the renowned US magazine
Forbes: Montecucco PDO among “The best wines to drink in 2022”

Montecucco PDO wine has just been included among the international bottles not to be missed according to the ranking drawn up by the renown American magazine Forbes.

This small Tuscan PDO production is therefore making its way into the global wine panorama, becoming the protagonist and first Italian representative of the best tastings to be made in the next twelve months (and beyond).

It seems that consumers have developed a strong desire for novelty in the last two years. Moreover, they are looking for lesser known and emblazoned wines produced in regions that are, however, already popular. This is just the case of Montecucco PDO in Tuscany, or Aube in Champagne.

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Montecucco is a small area in the Maremma region, between the production areas of Brunello di Montalcino and Morellino di Scansano. From it comes a range of wines with a strong structure, all made from Sangiovese grape, which contain hints of fresh red fruit. Montecucco is an area with a potentiality still to be discovered.

The Sangiovese produced here – “the other Sangiovese”, as it is often called – brings with it unique traits of its territory of origin: volcanic and untamed. Just like the still wild nature that surrounds it and characterizes the landscape of Mount Amiata (an ancient extinct volcano), characterized by the typical freshness of high altitude viticulture intertwined with the distant sea and Mediterranean breeze.

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This is the real trump card of Montecucco,” says the president of the protection Consortium Giovan Battista Basile. “We are in front of an unspoiled territory. Not only for vineyards, but also when it comes to originality of the territory, respect for biodiversity, and agronomic practices carried on respecting the environment”.

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