Ferrero unveils new Nutella Ice Cream

To mark Nutella's 60th anniversary, the Italian confectionery giant ventures into the ice cream tub market
Ferrero unveils new Nutella Ice Cream

Nutella Ice Cream has debuted in select Italian retail outlets, sparking a flurry of social media posts from enthusiastic Nutella fans. This move marks Ferrero’s entry into the tub ice cream market, as the Italian confectionery powerhouse celebrates Nutella’s 60th anniversary with a hazelnut-infused frozen treat.

Federica Roberto, Ferrero Italia’s Ice Cream Region Marketing Manager, remarked, “Nutella is undergoing a transformative shift for its 60th birthday, evolving from a spread to a full-fledged ice cream experience. We have ambitious expectations despite entering Italy’s ice cream market relatively late. We anticipate Nutella Ice Cream will swiftly capture consumer affection in the tub ice cream segment.”

Manufactured at Ferrero’s newly equipped, highly automated facility in Alzira, Spain, situated in Valencia province, Nutella Ice Cream is packaged in 230g jars using sustainable, recyclable materials sourced from certified paper suppliers.

Nutella Ice Cream-Ferrero


This new offering will soon be available in France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, and Luxembourg, augmenting Ferrero’s existing ice cream lineup introduced in 2021. This includes Kinder Bueno Classic and Kinder Bueno White cones, Ferrero Rocher and Raffaello sticks in Classic and Triple Experience varieties, Kinder Chocolate Ice Cream, Pocket Coffee gelato, and the latest addition for 2024, Pocket Coffee Mocaccino. These join Estathé Ice popsicles available in lemon and peach flavors.

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