Rodolfi Mansueto’s tomato preserves exports soar to €64M

Italy's canning company targets key markets: Germany, USA, UK, Canada, and Australia
Rodolfi Mansueto’s tomato preserves exports soar to €64M

Rodolfi Mansueto, a venerable name in the Italian tomato preserve industry with over 125 years of history, has seen its export value soar to 64 million euros over the past year. Germany leads as the company’s primary market, accounting for 20% of the total annual turnover, followed closely by the United States, France, and Canada.

Sales to the United States and Canada alone constitute 25% of Rodolfi Mansueto’s total exports. Notably, U.S. sales have surged from 1.5 million to 12 million euros over the last five years, driven predominantly by private-label offerings. In Canada, products bearing the Rodolfi brand have gained traction, generating 2.5 million euros in revenue.

Australia, an emerging market for the company, has shown a strong preference for pizza-related products like Passata di Pomodoro and Pizza Sauce, bolstered by a significant Italian expatriate community. The United Kingdom remains a key market, with Rodolfi products available in over 1,000 supermarkets nationwide.

Rodolfi Mansueto’s global export growth is a testament to both the high quality recognized by distribution networks and the Horeca sector, as well as an ambitious internationalization strategy. This strategy includes a robust presence at major food industry exhibitions worldwide, as evidenced by the company’s successes at Gulfood in Dubai and Saudi Horeca in Riyadh. These events underscore the Middle East’s substantial potential as a market for the company.

Looking ahead, Rodolfi Mansueto is gearing up for the Summer Fancy Food Show 2024, scheduled from June 23 to 25 in New York. This event will also serve as a platform to unveil a rebranding initiative set to launch in September. The premier American food fair will play a crucial role in promoting the Parma region through cooking demonstrations and events with Chef Ambassador Paolo Zivieri. As always, the spotlight will be on the agri-food excellence of Italy’s Food Valley.

We are pleased with our international achievements thus far,” says Riccardo Conforti, Export Manager at Rodolfi Mansueto. “Our objective is to advance the growth of high-quality, value-added products that cater to consumer demands and the needs of restaurant chains seeking ready-to-use products that ensure consistent quality. We aim to boost exports by focusing on a system that integrates products with services and promoting items that are versatile across various contexts. For instance, our basil and tomato pestos are prime examples.”

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