Rising exports for Gorgonzola PDO

In 2023, production of the renowned Italian blue cheese surged, exceeding five million wheels. Gorgonzola PDO is now available in 90 countries, with notable popularity in Japan and Poland
Rising exports for Gorgonzola PDO

The Gorgonzola PDO Consortium’s annual assembly for 2023 presented a mixed but promising outlook: production and exports surged while domestic consumption slightly declined. Antonio Auricchio, President of the Consortium, emphasized the product’s remarkable resilience and stability in a challenging global economic landscape. “Rising raw material costs and inflation are significant challenges impacting both producers and consumers. We are implementing targeted strategies to manage costs without compromising product quality,” Auricchio noted.

Resource management, supply chain optimization, and the promotion of Italy’s cheesemaking heritage are crucial priorities for Italian PDO and PGI cheeses. In 2023, production reached 590,000 tons (+11.6% from 2022), with a production value of €5.2 billion, positioning Italy as the third-largest cheese producer in Europe, following Germany and France (source: Afidop – Italian Association of PDO Cheese Industries).


Gorgonzola PDO production in 2023 reached 5,178,975 wheels, a 2.59% increase, equating to 130,664 more wheels than in 2022. However, production was slightly down by 1.54% compared to 2021. “We have recovered more than half of what we lost in 2022,” remarked Auricchio, “achieving this during a challenging period for the entire sector.” The first four months of 2024 saw production rise to 1,775,190 wheels, up 0.86% from 2023 and 8.18% from 2022.

On the consumption side, 2023 ended negatively for Gorgonzola. The spicy variety experienced the most significant drop, losing nearly 400,000 buyers and seeing a decline in average purchase volume (source: GfK).


Gorgonzola PDO exports grew by 1.1% in 2023, totaling 24,982 tons. Exports to EU markets reached 21,422 tons (+0.8%), while non-EU countries accounted for 3,559 tons (+2.9%). Germany and France, with over 11,000 tons, represented 44.6% of total exports, remaining relatively stable compared to 2022 (France -0.41%; Germany -1.4%). Notably, exports to Japan and Poland rose by 15.76% (533,781 kg) and 14.94% (1,216,583 kg) respectively. Gorgonzola PDO is now enjoyed in 90 countries, covering nearly 50% of the globe. The positive trend continues into 2024, with exports up by 6.1% within the EU and 16% in the rest of the world (source: Clal, February 2024).

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