SIAL Paris marks its 60th anniversary

Global leaders in food innovation set to convene from October 19th to 23rd, 2024, at Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Center
SIAL Paris marks its 60th anniversary

SIAL Paris 2024 is poised to host over 7,500 exhibitors from more than 130 countries, projecting a 75% turnout of international visitors and showcasing upwards of 400,000 products. Regarded as a cornerstone event for global food industry stakeholders, SIAL’s upcoming edition pledges to be an unparalleled rendezvous for innovative enterprises and key decision-makers.

In the ensuing weeks, a bespoke program will be unveiled, enhancing the SIAL experience manifold. Over the five-day trade show, Paris will buzz with culinary fervor and camaraderie, with activities epitomizing the essence of gastronomy unfolding both within the exhibition precincts and across the city.

Drawing inspiration from yesteryears to sculpt the future, SIAL 2024 embraces the mantra “Own the Change,” urging industry protagonists to embrace ongoing metamorphoses and tackle the challenges besetting global food systems. This collective endeavor will be fueled by exhibitors’ Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) endeavors and an array of initiatives, including the biennial SIAL Insights for industry trend analysis, SIAL Innovation offering glimpses into future trajectories, and a doubled cohort of promising start-ups at SIAL Start-Up.

SIAL 2024

A standout feature includes a revamped layout of exhibitor stands, designed to streamline visitor experiences. Recognizing that 80% of visitors have expressed a preference for product-themed stand organization to optimize their perusal, the new layout will curate exhibitors by thematic clusters.

At the beating heart of the food industry’s global gathering, France and Italy vie for primacy in terms of participation. Italy presently leads in exhibition space allocation, with an expansive presence spanning approximately 17,000 square meters. Key sectors boasting significant Italian representation encompass ‘Grocery, Dry Products,’Dairy/Eggs,’ and ‘Confectionery, Biscuits, and Fine Bakery Products.’

China commands attention with an expansive showcase spanning over 6,000 square meters, while Ukraine and India assert their burgeoning influence on the global stage. Several African nations will also grace the occasion, with collective pavilions in Pavilion 5a. Expectations soar for heightened representation compared to prior editions, with Ivory Coast and Senegal among the early confirmations.

Noteworthy for the inaugural presence of exhibitors from Uganda, Libya, and Iraq, anticipation mounts for a resounding debut. Meanwhile, the United States and Spain brace for an indelible imprint at this historic juncture.

With an estimated 285,000 attendees, including 8,000 major buyers wielding a collective purchasing power of €50 billion, SIAL Paris reaffirms its stature as a global industry beacon, with over 100 official delegations slated to grace the occasion.

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