Girolomoni unveils a new pasta shape at BioFach

The Italian Agricultural Cooperative from Marche region will take center stage at the Nuremberg trade show in Germany. The spotlight will be on their latest creation - "Gomitini," a pasta crafted exclusively for children
Girolomoni unveils a new pasta shape at BioFach

Italy’s Gino Girolomoni agricultural cooperative is set to make waves at the BioFach trade show in Germany, unveiling its latest creation: “Gomitini,” a glossy, short pasta made from organic durum wheat semolina tailored specifically for young palates. The company will be showcasing its innovative range at the global organic agriculture and food fair in Nuremberg from February 13 to 16, stationed at Hall 4 – Booth 361, where it will exhibit its diverse pasta selection crafted from the finest varieties of Italian organic wheat.

Having already gained traction in France (Coquillettes), the USA (Macaroni), and Germany (Hörnchen), Gomitini is now set to conquer the rest of Europe, packaged conveniently in 500-gram units. With a slow-drying process ensuring reduced cooking times, this kind of pasta proves ideal companions for cheese-infused sauces or as delightful additions to legume or vegetable-based soups.

Girolomoni-Biofach 2023-durum wheat semolina-Gomitini_Semola
The new Gomitini pasta shape

Sergio Moretti, the commercial director of the agricultural cooperative, anticipates fruitful discussions with existing and prospective clients during Biofach 2024, with strategic goals to strengthen ties for both Girolomoni-branded productions and third-party or private label ventures.


This Italian agricultural cooperative orchestrates the entire production spectrum, from field cultivation to the dining table. Organic wheat, cultivated by a network of over 300 farmers, predominantly in the Marche region, undergoes meticulous milling into semolina at the company’s mill. Subsequently, the transformation takes place at the nearby pasta factory, both strategically perched on the Montebello hill in Isola del Piano.

In a pioneering move, Girolomoni became the first 100% Italian food supply chain to integrate into the World Fair Trade Organisation in 2023. The exclusivity of its wheat, sourced solely from Central Italy, coupled with a completely closed, fair, and sustainable supply chain, has become synonymous with the cooperative’s commitment to unparalleled quality.

Girolomoni-Biofach 2023

These distinguishing factors have not only fueled Girolomoni’s success in the domestic market but have propelled its international footprint, accounting for over 75% of its turnover in foreign trade. Presently, Girolomoni exports to more than 30 countries, with primary markets in France, Germany, and the United States.

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