Italian biodynamic products ready to shine at Biofach trade show

The upcoming international fair, exclusively focusing on organic foods from February 13 to 16 in Nuremberg (Germany), marks a milestone for Demeter Italy, the Italian association celebrating the centennial anniversary of biodynamic agriculture
Italian biodynamic products ready to shine at Biofach trade show

Demeter Italy – an association uniting Italian producers, processors, and distributors and serving as a certifying authority for biodynamic agricultural products – is set to make its mark for the fourth consecutive year at the Biofach fair in Nuremberg, Germany. Scheduled from February 13 to 16, this year’s edition of the international expo exclusively dedicated to organic foods is a pivotal event for Demeter Italy, coinciding with its centennial celebration of biodynamic agriculture.

In a strategic move, Demeter Italy is relocating its booth from Pavilion 6 to Pavilion 7, stand number 305. Collaborating with the Biodynamic Federation Demeter International (BFDI) and positioned adjacent to Demeter Germany, this consolidated exhibition space aims to present a cohesive international front during this significant year.


Ten certified Italian companies will be present in Demeter Italy’s exhibition space: Biolatina, Econatura group, Ortofrutta Terre di Ecor, Gruppo Tarulli OP, Olearia Vinicola Orsogna, Agricola Forte, Acetaia Guerzoni, Bio Sikelia, Albio, and Parlapiano Demetrio. Noteworthy is the introduction of a catering service, allowing visitors to savor delectable biodynamic dishes crafted from the produce of Demeter’s co-exhibiting producers.

The Biofach Congress, a concurrent feature of the fair, will host two seminars of topical relevance. On February 15, at 1:00 PM, a session titled “Women as Pioneers of Sustainability” will feature Helmy Abouleish, CEO of Sekem and President of BFDI, alongside German farmer Sophie Kraul, and Italian winemaker Gianluca Bergianti. The moderation duties will be undertaken by Alexander Gerber from Demeter Germany. Later that day, at 5:00 PM, an event titled “100 Years of Biodynamic Agriculture – Inspiration for Sustainable Food Systems” will unfold, featuring notable participants such as Laura Patino from ABD Columbia and Naglaa Ahmed from Sekem, with Ruth Laakmann, a German farmer and consultant. Clara Behr will take on the role of moderator. The evening will culminate in a “Blue Night” event from 6:00 PM to 9:30 PM, featuring music and an aperitif, reinforcing Demeter’s commitment to this global industry gathering.

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