Exports of Italian cooked pork meat to Japan restart

After a two-year standstill due to the African swine fever, local health authorities have finally granted approval. The approved export facilities are affiliated with the Coati and Parmacotto groups
Exports of Italian cooked pork meat to Japan restart

After securing the nod from local authorities, the resumption of exports for Italian cooked hams, mortadella, and sausages to Japan is now underway, marking the end of a two-year hiatus prompted by the scourge of African swine fever (ASF).

According to Francesco Pizzagalli, President of Assica (the Italian Association of Meat Industries), this pivotal decision is poised to serve as a benchmark for other non-EU nations that have imposed import restrictions on Italian pork products since 2022. The immediate focus is on broadening the roster of approved Italian facilities for exporting cooked products. Subsequently, plans are afoot to reopen the market for aged products, with a particular emphasis on dry-cured hams aged over 400 days.

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According to Assica’s data, the closure of the market in 2021, which saw Japan as the third-largest destination for Italian cured meats outside the EU, resulted in a hiatus before which approximately 2,700 tons of cured meats valued at over 31 million euros were exported every year.


The green light for pork meat exports to Japan is granted to two facilities, namely those belonging to Coati and Parmacotto charcuterie companies. Expressing his enthusiasm, Andrea Schivazappa, CEO of the Parma-based group, remarked, “It is a source of immense pride to announce the authorization for our historic San Vitale Baganza (Parma) facility to export cooked ham to Japan. This significant milestone seamlessly aligns with our internationalization strategy, marked by robust double-digit growth in both European and American markets. Approaching the challenge of Japan with unwavering motivation and confidence, we recognize the substantial responsibility of representing our nation in such a demanding market.”

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