Bottega expands its footprint with a new Prosecco Bar at Prague airport

The Italian winery steadfastly adheres to its 2014 conceptual framework, placing a premium on the harmonious integration of authentic dishes from various Italian regional cuisines with locally sourced wines
Bottega expands its footprint with a new Prosecco Bar at Prague airport

On November 24th, Bottega, the Venetian winery based in Treviso, inaugurated a new Prosecco Bar in the departure area of Terminal 1 at Prague’s Vaclav Havel International Airport.

Sandro Bottega, President of Bottega (pictured), stated, “The opening of a Prosecco Bar within Prague Airport expands our presence to one of the most esteemed tourist destinations in Europe. Our dining and coffee formula provides visibility for our wines, spirits, and liqueurs. It serves as a catalyst to strengthen Bottega’s brand awareness and promote the enogastronomic culture of our country, in the spirit of Bottega Bacaro’s taste and philosophy.”

The Prosecco Bar concept was launched in 2014 aboard the Viking group’s Cinderella ship, operating in the Baltic Sea. Over the years, it has been introduced at international airports in Rome Fiumicino, Dubai, Venice, Istanbul, London Stansted, Birmingham, Bologna, Milan Malpensa, and the two Bulgarian airports of Burgas and Varna. Additionally, it is present in London at the Bokan 38th & 39th Rooftop Bar, in Guernsey (Channel Islands) on the terrace of the Slaughterhouse, inside the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Muscat, Oman, at English racecourses in Bath and Windsor, and, with a different format, at Belluno Station.


Prosecco Bar is a concept devised by Bottega with the aim of celebrating Italian excellence and satisfying the palate of the discerning consumer. Specifically, it reintroduces the philosophy of the Venetian “bacaro,” an informal tavern where foods are presented as both “cicheti,” small bites to be consumed at the counter, and more structured dishes to be served at tables. The pairing with Prosecco favored for its versatility, as well as with other Italian wines, contributes to making every moment a delightful experience.

From this arose the “Bottega Bacaro” philosophy, with its main axis being the “Perfect Match,” the ideal pairing between typical dishes from various Italian regional cuisines and the different wines offered by Bottega.

The extensive range of wines, including Prosecco, sparkling wines from prestigious grape varieties, prestigious Italian reds (Amarone, Brunello di Montalcino, Ripasso, Bolgheri), dessert wines, and a selection of white and barrel-aged grappas, along with a wide variety of fruit and cream-based liqueurs, position Bottega as a key player in the beverage landscape, fully satisfying consumer tastes.

In recent years, the Prosecco Bar offerings have progressively expanded to include signature cocktails, tailor-made by expert bartenders, organic wines and spirits, and, more recently, alcohol-free sparkling options, which are emerging as a new consumption trend.

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