Discovering Mozzarella di Gioia del Colle PDO

The Consortium for the Protection of the celebrated Apulian fresh cheese to start promotion for international buyers
Discovering Mozzarella di Gioia del Colle PDO

In recent days, the Consortium for the Protection of Mozzarella di Gioia del Colle PDO officially unveiled itself in Bari, in the presence of its 22 member companies and Italy’s government representatives. During this event, in addition to the official launch of a campaign aimed at promoting and elevating this iconic product in Italy and abroad over the next several months, the meticulous path leading to the recognition of the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) for this renowned Apulian fresh cheese was elaborated upon in great detail.

Mozzarella di Gioia del Colle PDO proudly boasts the distinction of being the very first PDO-certified mozzarella crafted exclusively from cow’s milk. From the initial stages of raw material production to the transformation process and packaging, the Consortium has developed a stringent set of guidelines that all producers and processors within the designated region must rigorously adhere to in order to earn the prestigious PDO designation.

Gioia del Colle transcends being just a town. In fact, it functions as a distinguished brand, uniting breeders, processing companies, and historic dairies across 22 different municipalities in Apulia. They are gearing up to receive buyers and food distributors from all corners of Europe.

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