Puglia’s food and beverage exports surge by +41% in Q1 2023

The performance of Puglia's agri-food sector underscores the strong appreciation that international markets hold for Mediterranean diet flagship products
Puglia’s food and beverage exports surge by +41% in Q1 2023

In the initial quarter of 2023, Puglia’s agricultural exports witnessed a remarkable upswing, soaring by +41% compared to the corresponding period the previous year, as reported by Istat. This export surge is notably driven by the region’s flagship products of the Mediterranean diet, namely wine, pasta, olive oil, and fresh produce, which dominate Puglia’s foreign sales.

Olive oil takes the lead as the most exported Apulian agricultural product, boasting a substantial +35% increase, closely trailed by pasta (+22%), and processed fruits and vegetables (+34%).

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However, Coldiretti, the Italian farmers’ association, emphasizes that there still exists a substantial production gap in various crucial sectors, including meat, cereals, and protein crops vital for livestock feed in the farming sector.

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