Foreign consumers prefer Italian organic food

Made in Italy products are considered top quality by one in three foreign consumers, according to Sana trade show observatory
Foreign consumers prefer Italian organic food

The latest data released by ITA.BIO – the platform for the internationalization of Italian organic food, promoted by the Italian Trade Agency and FederBio and run by Nomisma research firm – during the presentation of the 2023 edition of the Sana trade show (whose 35th edition will be held at the Bologna Exhibition Center from September 7 to 10) speak of positive performance for Italian organic F&B exports.

In 2022, sales of Italian organic F&B products in international markets reached 3.4 billion euros, growing by +16 percent compared to 2021 (year ending June). The recognition of Italian organic food in international markets is also evidenced by long-term growth (+181% compared to 2012).

The majority of exports (81% of the total) are food products, worth 2.7 billion euros in 2022. However, the role of wine is also relevant accounting for the remaining 19% of exports.

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In all the markets analyzed by ITA.BIO there are significant growth opportunities for Italian organic food. Consumers perceive Italy as a top-quality country for food and wine. On average, one in three consumers around the world ranks Italy as the country where the highest quality food comes from, and there is strong interest in the organic-made-in-Italy pairing. In fact, 68 percent of consumers would buy a new Italian organic product if they found it in the stores they usually buy.

Italian organic food
THE POTENTIAL OF ORGANIC MADE IN ITALY F&B – Would you be interested in buying a new Italian organic food product?

To increase the penetration, awareness, and interest in organic food it is imperative that international consumers are more and better informed about the characteristics and guarantees that organic products offer. In fact, about seven out of ten consumers say they lack sufficient and detailed information about the characteristics and values of organic food. Another effective lever to bring Italian organic food closer to foreign consumers is the possibility of learning about the products through tastings or materials, be it in large organized distribution or in restaurants.

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