China authorizing 12 Italian beef export plants

Italian manufacturers in the sector can now enter a very competitive market currently dominated by Brazil and Australia
China authorizing 12 Italian beef export plants

Assocarni, the association of the Italian meat industry, announced the approval of 12 Italian beef plants by the Chinese customs authorities (Gacc). “Thanks to the Italian Ministry of Health and the Italian Embassy in Beijing for their excellent work and for the tenacity with which they have conducted the negotiations over the years,” Assocarni wrote in an official statement.

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This is the conclusion of a work started years ago that has finally reached the finish line”, commented Serafino Cremonini, President of Assocarni. “In a global trade scenario that is not easy, important new opportunities are opening up today for Italian companies in the beef sector. It will not be easy to enter a very competitive market, currently dominated by Brazil and Australia, but we are confident that the ‘made-in-Italy’ brand, together with the quality and safety of our meat, will be an added value,” Cremonini said.

To achieve this result, Assocarni’s recent mission to Beijing, attended by the Italian Ministry of Health, the Italian Embassy in Beijing, the Italian Trade Agency, and the Chinese Ministry of Customs (GACC), was crucial,” said François Tomei, Director General of Assocarni. “On this occasion, the Chinese customs authorities have once again confirmed the capillarity of our public veterinary system and the seriousness of the companies represented by Assocarni.”

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