Pasta Berruto launches anti-waste beer

From the surplus of pasta from the Italian pasta maker's plant comes a new beer under the banner of fighting food waste
Pasta Berruto launches anti-waste beer

Pasta can have a second life: beer. Pasta Berruto, an Italian company that achieves 90 percent of its sales from exports, has come up with a brilliant solution against food waste. From the surplus of pasta coming from Pasta Berruto’s factory, a new beer has been made.

Pasta factories always produce scrap, i.e., surplus production that is dry and therefore good to be eaten but not aesthetically compliant to be sold. Some of this surplus is reground and returns to the production cycle, while others are used to make animal feed. What is left over from the Pasta Berruto plant will now be recovered by Biova Project to be transformed into a new product with a new value.

Thus the first beer made from pasta is born. This is a project of circular economy and fights against food waste, but also a great celebration of Italy’s gastronomic creativity.


With 200 kg of surplus dough, Berruto is able to produce 2,500 liters of craft beer. In fact, the pasta replaces part of the raw material from which the beer is made: in this case, barley malt. This results in real savings in raw materials and decreases food waste.

Biova Pasta beer is available, as early as Christmas 2022, on the Berruto pasta e-commerce website:

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