Lasagna, Pasta Berruto rides the positive trend

The Piedmontese company is to double its production capacity to grow in international markets
Lasagna, Pasta Berruto rides the positive trend

Italian company Pasta Berruto has decided to give a strong acceleration and a clear signal to the lasagna market by doubling its production capacity. Matteo Berruto, CTO of the Piedmont-based company, says: “We are in the final stages of testing our new Lasagne line. We hope to start serving very soon more and more customers around the world.”


According to CEO Stefano Berrutowe will focus more and more on product innovation. One of the concepts we worked on and presented a few months ago is what we called Maxi Lasagna, in which the sheets of lasagna are extra large.” Each sheet is equivalent to 3 standard size sheets and fits the size of the pan inside the package. “For now, this project is only in the embryonic stage, but we are ready to support commercialization” – Stefano Berruto says.


Under the Arrighi brand customers can currently find durum wheat semolina lasagne, egg lasagne, and spinach lasagne. In the Collezione 1881 by Stefano Berruto comes also organic durum wheat semolina lasagne. A wide and complete range, to which other new products will be added in the coming months.


Stefano Ceppi, Marketing Communication manager of Pasta Berruto, explains that “there is a significant growth trend worldwide for lasagna, which plays a very important role on the shelves of large-scale retail trade. Lasagna is the pasta format par excellence when you want to celebrate a recurrence, a party or a special occasion. It is a dish that brings us back to childhood and brings joy. It necessarily requires more time to prepare, but we always keep it in the pantry. This has already been happening for many years in Italy, however, this trend is rapidly consolidating and expanding all over the world.”

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