SIPO opens a branch office in London

The Italian fruit and vegetable company establishes a newco in the UK to promote and market its products in northern European markets, the Mediterranean basin, and the Persian Gulf

SIPO, a historic Italian company active in the fruit and vegetable sector for three generations, has announced the establishment of its subsidiary SIPO London UK Ltd. The goal is to promote and market Italian food excellence, starting with the food and wine of Romagna.

Currently, the brand portfolio includes Case Marcosanti of Poggio Torriana (wine), Pecci oil mill of Morciano di Romagna (oil), and Acqua e Sole rice of Lumellogno, as well as SIPO’s specialties from the Verdure di Romagna, Sapori del mio Orto (herbs, mushrooms, vegetables), and Sipomodoro (tomatoes) lines.

London is the heart of business in Europe and a major center for exports worldwide,” says Riccardo Giacomini (pictured), Country Manager and CoFounder, SIPO London UK. “We are already present in Greece, Lithuania, France, Denmark, and the United Arab Emirates. With the new UK branch, we will also give our company an international profile, as a reliable partner in business relations. Today we compete in a global market, where what makes the difference is not only the quality of the product but also commercial reliability and continuity of supply,” Giacomini says.

The UK subsidiary is expanding its sales network with the addition of new agents, who will be responsible for promoting product sales in large-scale retail, Horeca, and specialty distributors.

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