Piave PDO cheese’s sales to Germany soar

Following a partnership between the Italian cheese’s Consortium and supermarket chain’s Edeka, Piave PDO will be increasingly present on the shelves of German mass retailers
Piave PDO cheese’s sales to Germany soar

Thanks to the Protection Consortium and the Nice-To-Eat-EU promotion project, Piave PDO cheese is becoming increasingly popular in the European markets. Especially in Germany, both for the geographical proximity (Piave PDO is produced only in the north of Veneto region, on the border with Trentino) and for the presence of many competing products.

In December 2021, a partnership was made official with one of the most important German large-scale retail chains, the Edeka Group. This chain will be the spokesperson for the Nice-to-Eat-EU project and the excellence of Piave cheese on the German market.

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Since last December, in many stores of the chain consumers have found and bought some of the most famous and appreciated Piave PDO cheese varieties, including Fresco, Vecchio Selezione Oro, and Mezzano.


At each and every point of sale, specific displays and advertising material have been positioned, and many themed promotions have been carried out. The goal is to tell German customers the specific features, origins, and characteristics of this typical Italian dairy product. As well as arousing curiosity about the Nice-To-Eat-EU European promotion project.

To check the nearest areas where to find Piave PDO branded products, the official website of the project is available at the following link: https://www.nicetoeat.eu/de/verkaufsstellen.

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