Bresaola producers aim at a PDO, 100% Italian cold cut

The agreement between associations Filiera Italia and Coldiretti and some of the main Italian producers of bresaola marks a turning point in the supply of 100%-Italian raw material
Bresaola producers aim at a PDO, 100% Italian cold cut

Compared to 2019, sales of bresaola made with Italian raw material increased by +17%. However, to date, Italian meat satisfies just between 4 and 5% of total production. These numbers are still limited, but they are destined to grow quickly also thanks to the important agreement just signed in Rome by associations of producers such as Filiera Italia and Coldiretti, and charcuterie companies Salumificio Rigamonti, Salumificio Fratelli Beretta, Bresaola Del Zoppo, and Salumificio Panzeri.

Bresaola PDO

These companies account for about 60% of the total production in Valtellina. The agreement aims to triple the production of bresaola made exclusively with Italian meat, in order to bring more than one and a half million kilos of cured meat on the market every year. This can be achieved using meat from the controlled and guaranteed supply chain of national farms, with a better remuneration of the owners of the stables. Among the future goals, then, is the achievement of a PDO EU Geographical Indication. Such a product would stand alongside the traditional Bresaola della Valtellina PGI, reinforcing both proposals.

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