Italy’s Mutti celebrates excellent quality for 2021 tomato harvest campaign

Winners of the 22nd Pomodorino D’Oro are announced by the leading Italian canning company
Italy’s Mutti celebrates excellent quality for 2021 tomato harvest campaign

The 2021 tomato harvesting and processing campaign in Italy can be considered “among the best recorded by Mutti from the point of view of tomato quality and yield”. The Parma-based canning company, the leading Italian group in its sector, defines the work of the more than 800 families of Italian farmers who, between the north and south of Italy, have delivered 685 thousand tons of raw material harvested at the moment of perfect ripeness as “an excellent work”.

What allowed the progress of the activity was “the great work done by the more than 1,100 people trained and qualified to support the production and seasonal administrative activities in the three plants of the group: Montechiarugolo (Parma), Collecchio (Parma), and Oliveto Citra (Salerno). Thanks to them, the processing campaign took place within the classic 70 days of perfect tomato seasonality – from mid-July to the end of September”.

Francesco Mutti, Mutti’s CEO, says: “Our daily mission is to bring to the table of our consumers, in 96 countries around the world, an extraordinarily good product. The exceptional quality of the tomato that characterized the 2021 campaign is the optimal starting condition, and is the example of an industrial machine that works very well”.


The celebration of virtuous partnerships was also the protagonist of the 22nd edition of Mutti’s Pomodorino D’Oro award. The initiative was established to recognize the commitment and quality of the tomatoes of 64 families of growers, through a substantial economic incentive – this year amounting to 300 thousand euros distributed among all those awarded – and the delivery of an iconic award to farmers who have further distinguished themselves in the three categories: round tomato, long tomato, and cherry tomato. The winners of the trophy were the farm of Stefania and Mario Ricci Maccarini of Ravenna for the round tomato, Antonio Cendamo of Lesina (Foggia) for the cherry tomato, and Giuseppe Nicola De Filippo of Manfredonia (Foggia) for the long tomato.

Mutti’s Pomodorino D’Oro identifies two founding values of our group: recognition of people and the constant search for the highest quality,” says Ugo Peruch, director of Mutti’s agricultural service. “The award is the result of many analyses carried out on each load of tomatoes delivered, and is part of a broader premium price policy on the purchase of raw material aimed at enhancing the quality of tomatoes”.

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