Mutti: why sustainability is the path to high-quality

The alliance between the Italian leading company specializing in tomato preserves and sauces and WWF Italy is based on environmental sustainability, and provides for a number of joint projects
Mutti: why sustainability is the path to high-quality

Mutti, the Italian leading company specializing in canned tomatoes and red sauces, that has been preserving the quality of tomatoes for over 120 years. In collaboration with WWF Italy, Mutti is now planning a multi-year action plan to reduce water consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.

Mutti Pasta sauce with Parmigiano Reggiano

Mutti has always focused on quality and transparency, wanting to make its name a brand of reliability, working with passion and respect to ‘bringing the tomato to its maximum expression. Mutti’s roots have always been based on the following pillars:

  • High-quality, always delivering the best possible products;
  • Honesty;
  • Environmental protection, a vital commitment to nature;
  • Long-term projects, designing new goals and increasing relationships with suppliers and staff;
  • Respecting and training staff: Mutti contributes to the training of its employees by punishing discriminatory behaviour;
  • Sincerity and transparency: Mutti has always been a loyal and respectful company, and asks its business partners to do the same.
Mutti Pasta Sauce with Olives 400g


The Italian company has undertaken a long-term path, investing in technology but also in education and support for farmers and agricultural organizations. In fact, the company has already achieved a strong reduction of its environmental impact.

Thanks to the cooperation with WWF, it has defined a number of environmental support goals that are already underway. In addition, it has launched the Agri-Nature project, which protects wild species and habitats of agro-ecosystems. In fact, it maps the presence of swallows’ nests and broods, which are common but declining species and therefore excellent biodiversity indicators.

The results of this important work are surprising: more than 1000 million litres of water saved and 20,000 tons of carbon dioxide production avoided. Mutti is thus committed to improving every day.

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