The bakery sector is ready for a global consumption boom

The American Bakery Association outlines leading trends in baked goods, which are projected to have $339.3 billion in global sales by 2026
The bakery sector is ready for a global consumption boom

The health emergency has had a negative impact on various sectors, however, food has managed to withstand the economic shockwave. One category that saw a huge increase in sales was savory bakery. According to research by the American Bakery Association published by Food Beverage Insider, in the American market alone sales increased by +62.3% during the pandemic. Crackers and cookies alone grew by +44.3%. Growth was excellent for muffins and bagels too, whose sales increased by +23.4%. However, the ranking is led by bread whose sales reached about 1.2 billion dollars.

This boom in consumption also emerges from recent research by Market Watch, according to which the global savory bakery market will reach $339.3 billion by 2026 with an annual growth rate of +3.54%.

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The future of the global bakery market seems to be increasingly oriented towards sustainability, and not only in terms of packaging. In fact, a recent survey reported by Food Beverage Insider showed that 56% of consumers are paying more attention to the origin of products, especially bakery products, by reading labels and nutritional properties.

According to a survey by the Crafts Baker Association published by Bakery Info, traditional, old-fashioned flavors, chosen by a growing number of consumers, will be back in fashion as the demand for bread will continue. About 42% of consumers would like to see more of it in snack-friendly formats, especially those with seeds and grains.

One of the main trends of the next decade will concern increasingly vegan-friendly baked goods. Suffice it to say that in 2020, 15% of all baked goods came with a vegan positioning according to a survey by Innova Market Insights. A demand linked to consumers’ desire to reduce their intake of animal-based products.

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