Italian exports to China grow by +29,2%

According to latest analysis by Coldiretti, in January 2021 exports to the Asian giant resumed. A signal of hope for the post Covid era?
Italian exports to China grow by +29,2%

A hopeful sign for the post-Covid era comes from the increase in Italian F&B exports to China (+29.2%). According to the latest analysis by Coldiretti on Istat data, last January there was a strong demand for Italian products by consumers all over the Asian giant. Exports are growing for all the most significant sectors of Made in Italy, including food & beverage (+19.4%).

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China is a market with great growth margins for Italian products. Moreover, it is anticipating the hoped for global economic recovery with the advance of the global vaccination campaign. “A confirmationColdiretti underlines – of the need to support and keep alive the national production fabric in its reference sectors, to allow Italy a rapid economic and employment recovery.”

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