How Italy braces for the battle against Nutriscore

The Italian government to stop negotiations for a final text of the Agrifish Council on food labelling
How Italy braces for the battle against Nutriscore

The president of Federalimentare (the Italian Food & Drink Industry Federation), Ivano Vacondio reiterated once again the strong opposition of Italy’s F&B companies to Nutriscore food labelling system through the total support for the words of the Italian Minister of Agriculture Teresa Bellanova. In fact, the Minister recently reiterated that it is not the intention of Italy to continue the European negotiations for a final text on food labelling as conclusion of the Agrifish Council.

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Nutriscore is to be blocked because it represents a threat to our excellence, to our exports and to the Mediterranean diet, the best in the world” – Vacondio underlined. “We therefore assure our support in fighting at European level for a scientific and informative labelling scheme. A system like the NutrInform battery, for example, which will soon come into force in Italy” – said Vacondio.

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