The production of Italy organic red preserves grows

Italy’s National Association of Industrial Vegetable Food Conservation Industries (ANICAV) announces a new product section dedicated to organic tomatoes

ANICAV, the Italian National Association of Industrial Vegetable Food Conservation Industries, has set up a specific product section dedicated to organic tomatoes in light of the important growth that this kind of production is showing. The coordination activities has been entrusted to Alessandro Squeri (from Steriltom Srl) and Carmine Alfano (from Coppola Spa).

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In 2019, the turnover generated by organic tomatoes in Italy reached about 250 million euros. The production of this kind of tomatoes for processing has grown by more than 6%, with just under 5,000 cultivated hectares equal to 8% of the total area destined to industrial tomatoes.

Consumption is also increasing, both in Italy and abroad. In the last three years alone, growth on the Italian market has been around 15% – with a value increase of over 20% – thus demonstrating the consumers interest in this products. In 2019, in the Hyper, Super and small free service sales channels the weight in value of organic food products was 4.7%; a percentage that rises to 6.4% for tomato derivatives.

We wanted to give strength and representation to many member companies that dedicate part of their production to organic food. A segment in constant growth, with important results both in terms of production and value” – said Alessandro Squeri.

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