Anicav: “Italian preserved tomatoes are safe”

The association of Italian canning industries launches an appeal in defense of the sector
Anicav: “Italian preserved tomatoes are safe”

Anicav, the Italian association of canning industries – representing the over 100 member companies that make it the largest association of tomato processing companies in the world – responds to requests from abroad about extra quality certification for tomatoes processed in these days of coronavirus emergency.

Giovanni De Angelis, Anicav General manager, says: “Some foreign customers have received requests for additional certifications from processing companies regarding the safety and wholesomeness of our products, with regard to the risk of COVID-19 infection. Additional certifications are to be considered absolutely useless, as the processed tomato is a perfectly safe product thanks to the particular industrial processing and techniques. MoreoverDe Angelis says – there is no danger of contamination for products which, being naturally acidic, prevent proliferation of microorganisms. Finally, each box undergoes further sterilization with microbiological and enzymatic inactivation of the contents after closure.”

Some days ago, the EFSA also stated that there is no evidence that the food is the source or likely transmission route of the virus. “Italian preserved tomatoes represent an excellence and a symbol of Made in Italy in the world, whose goodness and wholesomeness is universally recognized” – Mr De Angelis says.

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