Agreement signed between Icam and Loacker

Icam will be one of the main chocolate suppliers for the South Tyrolean group

Icam, an Italian family company specializing in chocolate and cocoa semi-finished products, and Loacker, a leading family company in the production of wafers and chocolate, announced the beginning of an important collaboration. The trade agreement will see the inclusion of Icam among Loacker’s suppliers for the processing of cocoa beans in the production chain, the production of cocoa paste and also as a supplier of chocolate to support Loacker in specific business development needs.

This agreement represents a first sign of possible recovery after the Covid-19 emergency, and sees the two companies, symbols of Italy’s confectionery, working side by side with the common goal of providing consumers with tasty products made with the highest quality ingredients.

United by a very similar path, these two companies share a strong family tradition that has passed down the passion for pastry from generation to generation, in the case of Loacker, and for cocoa and its countless declinations in the case of Icam. Both companies’ vision is built on some fundamental pillars: the high quality of the products and the utmost care in the choice of raw materials, an integrated supply chain and a strong attention and sensitivity to the respect for the environment.

Loacker-Store Dubai
Loacker’s store in Dubai


For over 70 years Icam has been producing chocolate and semi-finished cocoa products of the highest quality. With its Icam Linea Professionale and Agostoni brands it has become a reference point of excellence for professionals in the sector in Italy and abroad. Through a constant monitoring of the production chain, from the selection of cocoa plantations in the territories of origin to the processing of products in a production plant equipped with the highest cutting edge technologies, Icam is able to develop a highly diversified production that perfectly meets the needs of the market and the most demanding business partners.

These professionalism and commitment have not escaped the careful eye of Loacker, which has identified Icam as a company consistent with its corporate values, suitable to provide an ideal contribution in maintaining the high quality standards of its products. “This collaboration fills us with pride, not only for the importance that a company like Loacker has on the confectionery scene, but also and above all for the approach to business that we share with them,” said Angelo Agostoni, President of Icam Cioccolato.

ICAM manufacturing plant in Orsenigo (CO)

Wanda Hager, Director of Agriculture & Procurement at Loacker, explains: “The collaboration with Icam is part of our sustainability path, and reflects the desire to constantly increase product quality and corporate responsibility throughout the entire production chain. We, too, have implemented sustainable sourcing projects in the countries of origin of cocoa as part of our ‘Loacker Sustainable Cocoa Farming Program’ for the production of our chocolates.”

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