PDO Salumi Piacentini get protection also on the U.S. market

Coppa Piacentina PDO, Salame Piacentino PDO, and Pancetta Piacentina PDO obtained the registration of the ‘Piacentino – Piacentina’ trademark by the Patent and Trademark Office
PDO Salumi Piacentini get protection also on the U.S. market

The U.S. Department of Commerce’s Patent and Trademark Office has authorized the registration of the trademark ‘Piacentino – Piacentina’ that will accompany PDO Salumi Piacentini (Piacenza’s PDO cold cuts) with protected designation of origin on the U.S. market.

This important result – declares the president of the Consortium for the protection of PDO Salumi Piacentini Antonio Grossettirewards our commitment to the protection of its GI products. As is well known, the PDO protection is valid on EU territory, but in markets such as the United States and Canada other regulations prevail”. With regard to trademarks, in these countries the ‘first to use’ principle is in fact that which applies. This implies the ownership of the trademark by whoever uses it first.

PDO Salumi Piacentini


The benefits of the result achieved will be appreciated, on the one hand, with regard to promotion. The brand will in fact guarantee U.S. consumers that the cold cuts are the expression of a historical production tradition linked to local culture, which is guaranteed by strict compliance with production regulations. On the other hand, with regard to protection, since the ‘title’ will prevent or repress abuse or illegal use of PDOs that are detrimental to the supply chain.

Without forgetting that the phenomenon of Italian sounding today is worth something like one hundred and ten billion euros and affects predominantly food categories. It usually consists of a series of messages evocative to Italy through the use of wording, colors, and names that can have misleading aspects on consumer purchases.


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