Asti PDO wine focuses on Russia, Asia

Even before the coronavirus emergency, the protection Consortium had already planned to expand its promotional activities abroad
Asti PDO wine focuses on Russia, Asia

The Asti PDO wine Consortium had planned well before the coronavirus emergency an increase in promotion and enhancement activities. In 2019, 85 million bottles have been sold, down 3 million over 2018. But now the “Asti e Moscato d’Asti Docg… si riparte da qui” promotional campaign seems to fit perfectly for these last days of lockdown and the ‘new normal that awaits us.

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The idea was to start later with TV commercials, but we decided to change the plans and take advantage of the time spent at home by all Italians,” says the president of the Consortium, Romano Dogliotti. “In a difficult moment like the one our country and the whole world are going through, it is more important than ever to expand and strengthen communication, enhancement, and promotion.”


Asti PDO is the largest denomination of origin beverage product in the whole of Piedmont region with its 10 thousand hectares of vineyards between the provinces of Cuneo, Asti and Alessandria and 6 thousand farms. “The first quarter of 2020 held up well – says the vice-president of the Consortium, Stefano Ricagno -. Sales of Asti Spumante grew whereas sales of Moscato d’Asti fell, due to falling demand from the USA. And as the demand for wine from Russia has never dropped, we are currently receiving comforting recovery signals from the Asian market as well”.

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