#CarbonaraDay: live on social media to feel closer

The event created 4 years ago by the Italian pasta makers of Unione Italiana Food is back. Last year it reached an audience of 500 million pasta lovers all over the world
#CarbonaraDay: live on social media to feel closer

#CarbonaraDay is back. This year the ‘virtual spaghettata’ – which last year reached a potential audience of about 500 million people – has a stronger meaning. Forced isolation due to coronavirus pandemic quarantine is not extinguishing the desire to stay in touch and feel closer. So, the pleasure of sharing a dish of carbonara pasta becomes a symbol of resilience and cohesion in its own way.


All this is well represented by the ‘see you soon’ sign on the door of a restaurant in Rome, which, forced to close due to the coronavirus emergency, has promised to celebrate the reopening with a Carbonara party.

Watch the gallery below to discover the authentic Italian pasta, suitable for Carbonara, on Italianfood.net platform:


Talking about carbonara has a new meaning today – says Riccardo Felicetti, president of the Italian pasta makers of Unione Italiana Food -. At a time when we are forced to keep conviviality at a distance, #CarbonaraDay is a sign of resistance and optimism. Preparing and sharing a photo or video of a pasta dish is a way to feel closer and united again. This recipe is in fact synonymous with pleasure, comfort and joy. We involved chefs and pasta lover to share their version of #CarbonaraHomeMade online, waiting for a table that is no longer just virtual.”

Carbonara pasta ingredients


The fourth edition of #CarbonaraDay, an event organized by the Italian pasta makers of Unione Italiana Food and IPO – International Pasta Organisation, opened today from 10 am (CET). The rules are simple: just follow the hashtags #CarbonaraDay and #CarbonaraHomeMade to participate in the virtual event together with bloggers, food influencers, journalists and chefs and try your hand at live videos, share opinions, photos and advice on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, about this dish of fun and inclusion.

Discover below the authentic Italian Pecorino cheese on Italianfood.net platform:



Carbonara pasta is a dish that unites people. Over the years it has become gourmet, loved by foodies and Millennials, and one of the most popular in food delivery. Classic or revisited, with a few moves and tricks it becomes veg or healthy, thanks to the addition of ingredients such as fish or cooking techniques that lower the fat intake, with some tricks that can be easily replicated at home.


The genesis of Carbonara pasta is shrouded in mystery. This, perhaps, has given the go-ahead to all those interpretations that have made it the popular dish par excellence. According to some, its ingredients betray a peasant origin: dried pasta, eggs, pork cheek, pepper and pecorino cheese are all easily available, transportable and preservable.

Naturelle scrambled eggs – Eurovo

According to a suggestive hypothesis, its appearance in cookbooks only after World War II is an indication that Carbonara pasta was invented by the American soldiers. More precisely, in 1944, from the meeting between Italian pasta and allied soldiers, who, going up the Peninsula, accompanied their ration of powdered egg yolk and bacon to Italic spaghetti to ensure the right energy of carbohydrates and obtain a practical and fast dish. The creator of the so-called ‘Razione K’ (K-ration) was Ancel Keys. The same scholar who, years later, ‘discovered’ and codified the Mediterranean Diet in the lands of Cilento.

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