Andriani bets on innovation

As a specialist in the production of organic and gluten-free pasta, Andriani stands out for its unique recipes and virtuous projects. Its products are present in 30 countries
Andriani bets on innovation

As the key factor in differentiating itself in the market, innovation is the driving force behind Andriani, the Apulia-based leading company in the organic and gluten-free premium sector which has successfully applied this concept on several fronts such as processes, products, and resources. Starting from the Gravina plant in Apulia, which is exclusively dedicated to gluten free foods and equipped with 4 production lines and 10 packaging lines where over 40 different formulations – equaling a total of 80 million units – are produced annually. Another strong point is the variety of recipes and formats of its Felicia brand, constituting the largest range of gluten-free and organic pasta available in the market with naturally gluten-free ingredients, such as maize, brown rice, buckwheat, quinoa, amaranth, peas, and lentils. The latest launch of the brand are the fusilli made with 100% organic chickpea flour of the legumes line, thus making the pasta rich in proteins and fibres. It confirms the strategy of presiding over the category by constantly creating new recipes. Felicia products are on the shelves of the main players of the Gd, in specialized shops, and in pharmacies in over 30 countries worldwide. Recently, some of Felicia’s articles, including red lentil fusilli and buckwheat penne, have also started to be distributed to the famous Spanish company Mercadona.

Red Lentils pasta

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In the course of its constant activity in the Innovation Food sector, Andriani has been involved in a project of a sustainable Italian supply chain dedicated to legumes with the creation of an all-Italian controlled supply chain. The initiative it has created together with Horta Srl – a spin-off of the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore of Milan – aims at safeguarding the soil, environment, food safety and increasing productivity of the various players in the supply chain. These efforts have certainly not gone unnoticed, so much so that they have been crowned with numerous awards, such as the ‘Smau Napoli’ in 2016, which was bestowed for the information of the processes involved in packaging and storing of products, the ‘Company to watch’, assigned by Cerved, for its distinction in the gluten-free foods sector, both for its economic-financial performance and for running the business, ‘Save the Brand’, for its excellent economic and financial performance, its brand portfolio and its positioning in the innovation food sector. Just recently Andriani Spa has been included in the ‘Elite programme’ of Borsa Italiana, which is an international platform of integrated services created to support companies in the realization of their growth projects.

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