Urbani Truffles and Rovagnati join forces

The two Italian deli companies launch The Luxury Pairing, a new co-branded product line
Urbani Truffles and Rovagnati join forces

Introducing a harmonious fusion of Italian food excellence and culinary innovation, Rovagnati and Urbani Truffles unveil “The Luxury Pairing,” a collaboration that aims to set a new standard in gourmet gastronomy. This unprecedented alliance brings together Rovagnati’s legacy of premium Italian salumi with Urbani Truffles’ expertise in sourcing the finest truffles from Italy and around the world.

Born from a shared commitment to quality and tradition, The Luxury Pairing by Rovagnati Meets Urbani features a meticulously crafted line of four exquisite products. Each offering combines the rich, savory flavors of Rovagnati’s renowned salumi with the earthy, aromatic essence of Urbani’s fresh black truffles. This collaboration marks a celebration of Italian culinary heritage and a dedication to delivering exceptional taste experiences – together with being a step forward in Urbani’s commitment to making truffles accessible to a wider audience.

The new product line includes:

  • Gran Biscotto Cooked Ham with 2% Truffles: Delight in the tender texture of Gran Biscotto cooked ham, enhanced by the earthy notes of truffles. Ideal for gourmet pizzas, paninis, or antipasti platters.
  • Gran Milano Dry-Cured Boneless Ham with 2% Truffles: Experience the sublime combination of Gran Milano prosciutto crudo with the intense flavor of truffles, perfect for sophisticated antipasto presentations.
  • Mortadella with 1.2% Truffles: A creamy texture of mortadella infused with the unmistakable aroma of truffles, an elegant addition to charcuterie boards or upscale sandwiches.
  • Salame with 1.7% Truffles: The robust, savory taste of salame enriched with fresh truffles, is ideal for elevating charcuterie plates or artisanal sandwiches.

Both Rovagnati and Urbani Truffles bring over a century of expertise and a deep-rooted commitment to authenticity and quality. Urbani Truffles, with a legacy dating back to 1852, is renowned globally for its superior truffle products sourced from the finest regions in Italy. Similarly, Rovagnati, founded in the 1940s, has established itself as a leader in Italian salumi production, known for its uncompromising dedication to taste and craftsmanship.

We are extremely happy and proud to launch this line that for us represents a step forward in the overarching Urbani Truffles mission of making truffles and truffle products more widely known and available,” comments Olga Urbani, owner of Urbani Truffles. “Together with our other strategic partnerships and collaborations, we hope that the Luxury Pairing with Rovagnati will find its way into more and more American households, demystifying a product that can come across as unachievable for many.”

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