National Prosecco Week starts on June 24

Costco will increase Prosecco DOC promotions across 496 locations
National Prosecco Week starts on June 24

For the seventh year in a row, National Prosecco Week will highlight Americans’ continuing enthusiasm for Prosecco DOC. This year, the consortium has partnered with over 2,000 retail stores, restaurants, importers and distributors to expand Prosecco DOC’s footprint across the country. Retailers include Costco, Eataly USA, Buy Rite, Twin Liquors and Bottle King. Costco, a retail giant and returning partner from last year, will increase its promotion efforts at 496 locations. Bottle King, Buy Rite, and Twin Liquors are other retailers participating in National Prosecco Week.


Some Eataly stores in North America are planning curated tastings. Stores in Los Angeles, Chicago, and NYC (Flatiron) will host events at the Eataly Vino Wine Store. Gruppo Italiano, a nonprofit that fosters authentic Italian cuisine, at New York City restaurants will promote the campaign.


Prosecco wine can only be produced in northern Italy between the Dolomites and the Adriatic Sea. In 2023, the estimated retail value turnover was 3.5 billion euros, and 616 million bottles were produced last year. The Italian market was 20%, which equates to 123.2 million bottles or 700 million euros. Much larger was the foreign market, 80%, which is almost 500 million bottles or 2.800 million euros. According to Osservatorio Economico of Prosecco, North America was the second-largest export region with 25% last year. Europe, excluding Italy, was 68%.



National Prosecco Week kicks off in San Francisco with a Tasting in the Dark with Dr. Hoby Wedler. A chemist and sensory expert, Dr. Wedler (who has been completely blind since birth) will guide blindfolded participants to the world of wine aromas and sensations for a customized tasting experience. He developed Tasting in the Dark with Francis Ford Coppola. Emotitect designed a multi-sensory kit for guests to integrate tactile elements to discover the qualities of Prosecco DOC. Dr. Wedler will be hosting the same experience in Los Angeles and New York. In New York on June 25, Ciao Evento’s Prosecco DOC is hosting a Pasta Making Pride Party with Tim Young.

Pasta Making Pride Party with Tim Young.

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