Lavazza unveils new Ready to Drink beverages lineup

Italian coffee titan unveils three new café recipes, tailored for summer enjoyment
Lavazza unveils new Ready to Drink beverages lineup

Lavazza, the Turin-based giant specializing in coffee production, has unveiled three novel drinks in a convenient, ready-to-sip format suitable for any occasion. Time-honored Italian café staples such as cappuccino and espresso with milk have undergone a contemporary makeover, exuding freshness and modernity.


The foray into the ready-to-drink domain marks Lavazza’s strategic response to evolving consumer demands, particularly targeting the burgeoning younger demographic. Igor Nuzzi, Lavazza Group’s Region Director for Italy and Iberia, affirms, “We aspire to elevate the market segment, drawing upon our heritage and expertise in crafting authentic Italian café recipes, now served with a chilled twist.”

Lavazza’s Ready to Drink offerings cater to the dynamic, on-the-move cohort, craving convenience and flavor, especially during the balmy summer months. Crafted from a 100% Arabica blend, these libations infuse a revitalizing spin into the quintessential Lavazza coffee experience. The triumvirate of recipes—Espresso and Milk, Cappuccino, and Caffè Latte (also available for the foodservice sector)—ensures a cool coffee fix at hand, adaptable to any setting. Lavazza Ready to Drink finds its place in households, office spaces through vending machines, and within the Horeca channel.



A 100% Arabica blend coupled with partially skimmed milk yields a coffee concoction of apt intensity and a pleasingly balanced finish.


A fusion of a 100% Arabica blend, partially skimmed milk, and luscious cocoa delivers a symphony of chocolate and coffee notes, enveloped in a velvety, creamy embrace.


The interplay of a 100% Arabica blend and partially skimmed milk accentuates the milk’s smooth nuances, subtly punctuated by a hint of coffee.

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