Lavazza celebrates the International Coffee Day

The leading Italian coffee company analyzes all occasions of consumption, enhancing its Cup of Learning training programme
Lavazza celebrates the International Coffee Day

Coffee, introduced in the 16th century, has held a pivotal role in Italian culture ever since. For the majority, it embodies the daily cornerstone ritual. Espresso, in its various forms, extends beyond a mere beverage – it represents a daily tradition that unites all. Lavazza, the globally renowned Italian coffee brand, commemorates this year’s International Coffee Day by delving into the profound significance concealed behind a seemingly ‘simple’ cup of coffee. Here, the pinnacle of flavor seamlessly intertwines with the emotions it elicits.


Coffee has long been synonymous with innovation and social interaction, but above all, it provides a moment for unwinding, introspection, and contemplation. A steaming cup of coffee envelops us in a warm, familial embrace, allowing us to freely express ourselves, share anecdotes, reflect on our current circumstances, and embark on a journey of rejuvenation and resurgence. A humble espresso can become a trusted companion, a reliable remedy that helps us find solace amid times of transition. Traditionally in Italy, and beyond, the day commences with coffee – a symbol of fresh beginnings and a new chapter.


Coffee stands as one of the most potent connectors among people. Sharing a cup of coffee with friends, family, and colleagues fosters communication, bringing individuals closer and encouraging mutual support. To further accentuate this perfect connection, there’s nothing quite like a comforting cappuccino – one of the most celebrated coffee-based concoctions. The original recipe calls for equal parts Italian espresso, steamed milk, and milk foam, but anyone can adjust these ingredients to suit their personal taste and preferences.

Lavazza-International Coffee Day


For those looking to genuinely commemorate International Coffee Day and share the positive impact of coffee, there’s a fitting and tangible example: providing a second chance. Enter the Cup of Learning, an initiative in coffee education launched in 2017 in collaboration with experts from the Lavazza Training Center. This initiative perfectly encapsulates the Group’s commitment, Blend for Better, to supporting vulnerable communities through coffee knowledge and skills.

This training program is dedicated to young individuals seeking employment opportunities within the coffee industry. It offers two specific training paths: one focused on understanding green coffee processing techniques, and the other aimed at equipping individuals with the necessary skills to become proficient baristas.

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