Italian Investment fund invests in Pasta Berruto’s capital

Among the operation's aims lie the augmentation of production capacity, international expansion, and the enhancement of product innovation for the esteemed Italian pasta enterprise
Italian Investment fund invests in Pasta Berruto’s capital

The Italian firm, Pasta Berruto, has recently unveiled a strategic partnership with the Fondo Italiano d’Investimento Sgr (FIAF, Italian Investment Fund), heralding the onset of a new era in its developmental trajectory. Facilitated through the Italian Agri & Food Fund – Fiaf, this collaboration is strategically designed to fortify the Piedmontese enterprise in its ambitious expansion endeavors, encompassing augmented production capabilities, global market penetration, and pioneering product innovation. By leveraging the expertise and resources of FIAF, Pasta Berruto aims to expedite its growth strategy and further solidify its global footprint.

In a testament to continuity and collective commitment, the Berruto family reaffirms its steadfast involvement in the pasta enterprise. “This pivotal milestone underscores our collective dedication towards safeguarding the enduring legacy of Pasta Berruto,” affirmed a company spokesperson. With the denouement of this transaction slated for completion by April’s end, pending customary regulatory approvals, the company is poised to embark on its next phase of evolution with renewed vigor.

The CEO Stefano Berruto articulated his enthusiasm for the collaborative venture, remarking, “This alliance with Italian Investment Fund heralds an exciting epoch in our storied tradition of crafting premium Italian pasta. It underscores our mutual pledge towards sustained growth, fueled by the indomitable spirit and expertise that define our corporate ethos. With optimism, we embrace the future, poised to inscribe a fresh chapter of success, propelled by the resolve of our unified team.”

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