Principe Foods opens a new State-of-the-Art plant in the U.S.

Located in Columbia, Missouri, the $200 million dollar plus investment is for production and packaging
Principe Foods opens a new State-of-the-Art plant in the U.S.

Principe Foods, which produces high-quality Italian meats and charcuterie, invested more than $200 million in the new 325,000-sq-ft production facility in Columbia, Missouri. It was built last year to meet increasing retail and food service demand for Italian meats and charcuterie. The company selected Columbia due to its strategic location, business-friendly environment, and the ability to access raw materials and leverage synergies with existing strategic assets.


Now we produce all the domestic portfolio at the plant, just like we do all our products in Italy,” says Laura Rincon, Head of Marketing for Principe. This new plant, which opened last year, expands Principe Foods’ footprint. It also has two plants in Italy, one in Parma and one in San Daniele.

The main difference between the new plant in the U.S. and Italy is the raw meat. The plant in Columbia uses an American hog, while in Italy, the plants use an Italian hog. Rincon adds, “The beauty of the Columbia plant is we can replicate the process in Italy but here in the US. Our plant, with the technology that we were able to invent, can replicate the humidity, the wind, and the temperature of each season in Italy. In the end, we can deliver a product that is very similar to imported because we keep the tradition of the way that we manufacture the meat and do packaging in Missouri.

In February, the Principe facility in Columbia, Missouri, was awarded the prestigious Food Plant of the Year by Food Engineering magazine.


The new range of specialty Italian meats produced in the United States at the plant in Columbia include Prosciutto and Pancetta Cubetti, Salame, Pepperoncino, Coppa, and Pancetta. Principe ensures that each slice of meat guarantees an authentic Italian taste. Quality is not compromised with the new products produced in the U.S. Here are the products imported from Italy: Prosciutto di San Daniele, Prosciutto di Parma, Prosciutto Italiano, and Mortadella.



Principe Foods has noticed customers are more enthusiastic about trying more meats. Rincon says Principe Foods is “seeing big growth in specialty meats and seeing that customers are moving away from the basics and trying different flavors.” She added, “Our goal is to bring the authentic charcuterie experience to the US with all our imported and domestic products.” Founded in 1945 in Italy, Principe Foods is the top producer of one of Italy’s most prestigious foods, Prosciutto di San Daniele. Principe Foods is a subsidiary of JBS Prepared Foods.

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