Rouses Markets: navigating trends in healthy food

Amanda Kennedy, Senior Manager of Brand and Marketing Strategy at Rouses, unveils new authentic Italian own brands that will be introduced in 2024
Rouses Markets: navigating trends in healthy food

Rouses Markets operates 63 stores in three states, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama, and is considered one of the largest independent grocers in the United States. As grocery customers across the US look for healthier options and better prices for their wallets, asked Rouses Markets about what trends the grocery chain has observed with its customers when it comes to organic and healthy food. Plus, Rouses Markets shares new authentic Italian private label products the store will roll out in 2024. Amanda Kennedy, Senior Manager of Brand and Marketing Strategy at Rouses Markets, took time to explain the latest trends and products.

I personally love Italian coffees, so I am most excited to have our own brand of excellent authentic Italian espresso coffee”

Amanda Kennedy
Senior Manager of Brand and Marketing Strategy
Rouses Markets

When customers walk into one of your supermarkets, what do they notice first? What is the shopping experience you work to offer your customers?

At Rouses Markets, we believe in fresh food. When you walk into our stores, you’ll notice the difference right away. Whether it’s our hot, fresh baked French bread, prepared meals, or fresh local in-season produce like Satsumas and sweet potatoes in the winter, locally grown strawberries in the spring. We’re committed to providing quality products, and that commitment shows throughout our stores.

What food trends are you seeing among your customers?

With the rise of clean eating and wellness, more and more customers are looking for products that are free from certain ingredients. We’re seeing a trend with customers looking for cleaner labels, “cleaner for you” or “free from” products on the shelf. Organic produce is still our customers’ number-one choice when it comes to clean labels.

Rouses promotes Italian food all year round. In 2024, do you have any marketing projects planned for Italian food?

We have lots of fun projects planned for 2024: we’ll be rolling out new commercials that highlight our commitment to the authentic Italian products we carry the kind of products you can only find at Rouses Markets. We’re also going to be doing more in-store activations like parm-cracking events and sampling of Parmigiano Reggiano with balsamic vinegar drizzled on top. During these hourlong events an Italian wine specialist, partnered through our wine distributors, will come into our stores and educate our customers on how these products are made in Italy while enjoying a delicious pairing of Italian wines and meats and cheeses.


Have you expanded your store brands with authentic Italian food products?

We recently expanded our own brand’s Italian offerings with the introduction of two new gelato layers: Vanilla and Chocolate Cookie Peanut Crunch, and Salted Caramel. We’ve also brought in a new Tiramisu gelato flavor. We have two new authentic Italian cooking oil sprays: olive oil spray and lemon-infused olive oil spray. We also brought in two new authentic Italian pasta sauces: Roasted Garlic and Alfredo. I’m so excited to share with you all that we are finishing up the label design for our new Italian coffee line, which will include whole bean and ground options.

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