Veroni bets on free-from and healthy specialties

At Marca by BolognaFiere, the Italian cured meats company unveiled a quartet of new light offerings packaged in the environmentally friendly paper bottom tray
Veroni bets on free-from and healthy specialties

Balancing flavor and quality in a light iteration, with a decisive trim in fats, calories, and sodium, Veroni pursues a wellness-oriented agenda. The Emilian salumi maestro, marking almost a century in 2025, showcased its latest range of pre-packaged sliced deli meats at Marca 2024, the premier Italian exposition dedicated to private labels.


The company’s four novel offerings stand out for its clean-label ethos and environmentally conscious allure. Devoid of gluten, glutamate, added polyphosphates, and milk derivatives, these innovations arrive in the avant-garde paper bottom tray packaging, championing a 75% reduction in plastic usage. The Salame Gran Milano proudly touts a 30% reduction in both salt and fats, the Prosciutto Cotto Alta Qualità flaunts a mere 2% fat content, while the Mortadella di Carne di Prosciutto promises heightened protein levels with a 40% dip in fats and a 30% decrease in calories and salt.

Veroni-Marca 2024
Prosciutto Cotto Alta Qualità with only 2% fat
Mortadella di Carne di Prosciutto with 40% less fat and 30% less salt and calories
Prosciutto Crudo with only 2 % fat

The Prosciutto Crudo receives a low-calorie makeover, boasting a lean 5% fat content while maintaining a competitive quality standard. Bolstering Veroni’s capabilities, the 2023 acquisition of Prosciuttificio Prosus Gardenia complements the centuries-old expertise of its historical production facilities in Langhirano and Sala Baganza (Parma), where Veroni has been refining its cured meats craft for nearly a century.


2024 heralds a year of formidable challenges and breakthroughs, both domestically and internationally. An international private label trade show such as Marca assumes pivotal significance in our growth trajectory—a strategic juncture to fortify and expand our footprint in the private label sector,” remarks Emanuela Bigi, Veroni’s Marketing Manager.

Elevating its standing as the premier Italian self-service deli provider in the USA since late 2021, Veroni, in addition to these innovations, unveiled a suite of take-away products and bespoke formats tailored for private labels, including self-service deli meats and sliced alternatives.

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