Tucci returns to Italy with new TV show

“Tucci – The heart of Italy” is the name of the docuseries that will follow the actor as he explore the country through the lens of food
Tucci returns to Italy with new TV show

National Geographic announced a new home for Stanely Tucci. A 10-part docuseries will follow Tucci across Italy as he discovers the myriad layers of Italian cuisine in each region. The working title of the new docuseries, “Tucci – The heart of Italy”, will begin production in January 2024.

National Geographic is all about adventure and exploration, and I am honored to take viewers once again to explore Italy through the lens of food,” said Tucci in a press release. “In Italy’s many distinct regions there is always something new to discover and I’m more than excited to begin the process in partnership with BBC Studios.”

In each episode, Tucci will take viewers off the beaten track to showcase the stories behind authentic Italian cuisine and the people behind it.


In December 2022, CNN canceled Tucci’s food travel series, Searching for Italy, after two seasons. On this show, Tucci traveled to Rome to showcase the history behind the creamy carbonara, to Sicily to cook the delicious pasta alla Norma, and to Milan for the saffron-infused risotto, just to name a few culinary adventures. He took viewers to his grandparents’ hometown in Calabria for a personal family journey.

Since Tucci’s Searching for Italy aired on CNN, which debuted in February 2021, Tucci has become popular not only for his acting but also for his passion for cooking Italian cuisine. His memoir Taste My Life Through Food, which recounts the actor’s love affair with Italian food ever since he was a kid, was published in the fall of 2021. Sanpellegrino enlisted Tucci for a multi-year partnership to support both Sanpellegrino Sparkling Natural Mineral Water and Sanpellegrino Essenza in February 2022.

Tucci’s new TV series with National Geographic is produced by BBC Studios’ Specialist Factual Productions alongside Tucci’s Salt Productions.

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